University of Lorraine

University of Lorraine (UL) offers curricula in sciences, health, technology, engineering sciences, human and social sciences, law, economy, management, arts, literature and language. 8 doctoral schools are hosted. Institut Jean Lamour (IJL) is a joint unit between CNRS and UL, gathering approx. 550 persons dedicated to materials science and processes. Activities cover materials, metallurgy, plasmas, surfaces, nanomaterials and electronics. Two research groups of IJL participate to the SPARK project, the Functional Thin Films Group (EFCM) and the Nanomaterials Group of the CP2S and P2M department, respectively, will take part to SPARK. EFCM has developed new approaches for the synthesis of oxides, nitrides and nanostructured coatings for optoelectronic and energy applications. Luminescent thin films based on zinc oxide (ZnO) and aluminium nitride (AlN) that contain no or little amount of rare-earth elements have been investigated by EFCM in strong collaboration with the nanomaterials group. We correlate the functional properties to the local structural and chemical states. For this, SEM, XRD, FTIR, spectrophotometry, electrical, PL measurements and SIMS are combined to high resolution transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopies. These will be the core expertise and supports to SPARK provided by University of Lorraine.