The SPARK network groups together European universities, research centers, and companies with diverse and complementary expertise in materials for radiation detectors. It is supported by the European Institute of Technology (EIT) in the framework of EIT-RawMaterials Knowledge Innovation Community (EIT-RM, In accordance with the general goals of EIT-RM the network faces material solutions concerning scintillator and electrical detectors. Particular focus is devoted to the substitution or recycling of elements, like especially rare earths, classified as critical for the European industry.

SPARK offers services and consultations to research groups and companies aiming at using already available materials or at developing novel material systems in different markets (like medical imaging, homeland security, nuclear power, geophysical research, etc.).

The services are provided in laboratories based in Italy, France, and they are open to worldwide customers. They include scintillation and electrical performances, radiation hardness tests, structural and morphological analyses, elemental analyses, selected material preparations, material simulation tools.

In addition, SPARK promotes educational activities, as well as networking and matchmaking events. These activities and the events open to customers will be announced in the network website.