Università di Milano Bicocca

Un. of Milano Bicocca (UNIMIB) is the network coordinator. It includes 4 Schools and 16 Departments. The project will be carried on at the Department of Materials Science – DMS (http://www.mater.unimib.it/). DMS has 40 permanent research members with physics or chemistry background, who, grouped together, constitute a wide community with competencies in several experimental and theoretical Materials Science fields. Approximately one hundred post-docs and PhD students are also working in the Department. DMS is responsible of three university courses: Materials Sciences (degree and master course), Chemistry (degree and master course) and degree in Optical Technology, with a total of more than 300 students. Moreover, it provides the PhD course in Materials Science and Nanotechnology. The Department is involved in several national and international projects (EU programs, bilateral projects). Principal research activities include dielectric materials, nanostructures, semiconductors, materials for electrochemistry and sensors, modeling, and simulations. Extensive investigations on scintillator materials are carried on, including material synthesis, structural, and optical investigations.


Picture of the propagation of a 406 nm laser beam 2 micron wide inside a silica based optical fiber