Saint-Gobain Recherche

The Research center is supporting the main global businesses of Saint-Gobain Company including glasses, building materials and habitat solutions, high performance materials in ceramics and in particular the materials for photonics and scintillation applications. Saint-Gobain Recherche is working for technological and scientific support of new applied industrial solutions, development of new processes and the improvement of existing ones in the ultimate cooperation with Saint-Gobain production plants. Also the teams of the center are supporting the scientific collaborations with European academic institutes, universities and labs and Startups in the view of co-development of innovative solutions for various Saint-Gobain businesses, licensing the perspective technologies and materials.

The center employs about 200 scientists and 200 qualified technicians working for experimental support of the scientific programs.

The materials characterization analytical lab of the center works with the numerous tools including Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) with EDS as well as ICP, XRF and XRD, SIMS, LECO, Optical and Fractography analysis tools etc.

The Center is located at the North of Paris with a simple access for international visitors.

In particular Saint-Gobain Recherche collaboration in the frames of SPARK European program is established in the interests of Saint-Gobain Crystals global business division to support the perspective innovative solutions in scintillation and luminescent materials.