Relight is a private company founded in 1999 for the collection and treatment of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), now ruled under the EU Directive 2002/96 and in Italy by the D.Lgs 151/05 that came into force in January 2008. Main customers are collective schemes, communities and private companies. The integrated approach of Relight, that both provides collection and full treatment of waste, gives the customers an efficient service where all the steps are controlled and performed at high quality level (Relight is ISO14001 certificated and EMAS registered since 2005).

Since the beginning the main aim of Relight activities is to close the loop and find solutions for the recycling of the different fractions that constitute a WEEE, trying to reach the "end of waste" status also for critical materials. Relight innovative approach is addressed both to new treatment technologies and to new recycling field for waste fractions.

The innovative service offered by Relight is performed in Relight treatment plants, with a total authorized capacity of 40.000 tons/year.

Relight is therefore fully involved in research and development, especially in the FP7 and H2020 framework of the European Commission. Thanks to the HydroWEEE project, Relight built a plant for the recovery of Rare Earths and precious materials from WEEE. The HydroWEEE plant is mainly focused on the extraction of Yttrium, Europium and other RE elements from fluorescent powders produced by the mechanical treatment of fluorescent lamps and Cathode Ray Tube televisions and monitors.


Picture of the industrial plant for the recovery of REEs from fluorescent powders within the HydroWEEE Demo project: Innovative Hydrometallurgical Processes to recover Metals from WEEE including lamps and batteries.