Irradiation facilities and dosimetry


6 X-ray irradiation facilities (20-160kV) are available with industrial X-ray source, medical X-ray pulsed source, and a microfocus source. Several gamma-ray sources, including 241Americium, 60Cobalt, 133Baryum, 22Na, 137Cesium and 152Europium are also available.


Gamma radiation source:

Irradiation tests can be performed with a pool-type irradiation facility equipped with a 60Co cylindrical source array (mean energy of 1.25MeV) in a high volume (7.0´6.0´3.9 m3) shielded cell. Max. Licensed activity: 3.7 1015 Bq.

n.6 sealed radioactive sources:

Dosimetric certifications are provided by the following dosimetric systems:

  • FRICKE dosimeter (20-400 Gy), measured by PERKIN ELMER UV-VIS-NIR LAMBDA 950

  • RED PERSPEX dosimeter (5-40 kGy), measured by PERKIN ELMER UV-VIS-NIR LAMBDA 950

  • ALANINE dosimeter (1-500 kGy), measured by X-band SPECTROMETER BRUKER e-scan

  • THERMOLUMINESCENT dosimeter, measured by TLD SYSTEM 4000 HARSHAW