Scintillator performances


The DETector Lab of CEA has developed state of the art X and gamma imagers which can be used to assess photodetectors for several applications.

- Large area CMOS backplanes which can be used to evaluate scintillator for medical X-rays in X ray facilities in the 20-160 kV range. Scintillator for PET application could be evaluate with digital SiPM and gamma source.

- Semiconductor photodetector could also be evaluated using gamma-ray spectrometric imagers in the 14 keV-1 MeV range.


Light Yield measurement:

LIGHT YIELD BENCH, equipped with radioactive point sources (see activities in the previously reported Table) of 241Am (17.8 keV, 59.54 keV), 57Co (122.06 keV, 136.47 keV), 137Cs (32 keV, 661.66 keV), 203Hg (279.20), 60Co (1.17 MeV, 1.33 MeV). Sample holder for big-size crystals measurements in the dark and under inert atmosphere.



Temperature range: 10 to 320 K; irradiation by a Philips 2274 x-ray tube; RL emission detected by Jobin Yvon Spectrum One 3000 CCD in the 200-1100 nm spectral emission range.


Temperature range: 10-800 K (in two different apparatuses); irradiation by Machlett OEG50 x-ray tube (for measurements above room temperature) and by Philips 2274 x-ray tube (cryogenic measurements). TSL light detection by Jobin Yvon Spectrum One 3000 CCD (for cryogenic measurements, 200-1100 nm), Jobin Yvon Sympony CCD (or measurements above room temperature, 200-1100 nm), and EMI 9635QB photomultiplier (measurements above room temperature).