Novel material preparation


Fluorine platform (Fluomat) and sulfur platform

Thermal treatment facilities to synthesize doped polycrystalline powder and glasses under controlled atmosphere (O2, N2, Ar, H2/Ar)

Polishing equipment

Fiber drawing tower


The PICTIC platform is designed to scale up printed devices from laboratory level TRL3-4 to products prototypes TRL 6-7. The platform is 600 m2 clean room class 10000 working on Sheet-to-Sheet mode and is compatible with rigid and flexible substrate up to 320mm x 380 mm. It includes a complete set of industrial coating, printing equipment, and characterization tools such as slot die, screen printer, inkjet, gravure printer, flexography tools, profilometer, ellipsometer.

The PICTIC platform is open to industrial partners, especially SMEs and start-ups to foster TOLAE products to enter the market. In the framework of the project, the “PICTIC” printing platform can be used for technological validation of laminated and/or printed scintillators materials.


Inorganic-chemistry laboratory for sol-gel preparations, acetate-citrate combustion, oxidation from gas phase. Film deposition by spin-coating. Furnaces for densification processes, instrumentation for optical finishing. Preparation of silica fiber preforms.